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We have over 1000 customers all around the world. Afters thousands of test,our software have been proved to be reliable.Cool File Encryption,File Encryption Software,Clipboard Box,Clipboard Software
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Clipboard BoxCategory:  System Utilities » Clipboard Utilities
Clipboard Box improves the functionality of your Windows by adding clipboard functions. You can perform routine copying and pasting operations in lesser time and more efficiently than before. The productivity can be enhanced by adding one hundred clips instead of one like in Windows. This feature gives it the capability of performing many times better than the standard Windows version.

Cool File EncryptionCategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
Reliable and convenient encryption software for files, using AES algorithm. Features 1.Easy to use interface like MAC's GUI. 2.Can encrypt files of any type and any size. 3.Can encrypt files with strong AES algorithm. 4.Can encrypt more than one file at a time,can decrypt more than one file a time. 5.Adopt the international standard cryptographic algorithm--AES. 6.Support the 128,192,256-digit code in AES mode.