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Duck SoftwareTM specializes in creating simple yet powerful software that can easily be used by PC novices, but has the power experts need. You can test out all our software for free via download. The only limitation on the free version is in the number of entries you can make. When you decide you want to register your program we provide several secure options for ordering via check or credit card.The shareware versions of our software have been downloaded by tens of thousands of users and we have registered users throughout the world.Duck SoftwareTM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Technological Solutions, Inc. (TSI) and is located in Raleigh, NC, USA. TSI has been in business since May 1997. Duck Software has been a division since November 1997. We began our World Wide Web presence in June of 1998.Database software to organize, track, and catalog your collections. Free shareware downloads to try out the collector programs.
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Budget TrackerCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Finance
This popular freeware application is programmed to be simple to learn and use. You can be tracking and analyzing your monthly spending habits in no time. Find out where you are spending your paycheck and where to best reduce your spending to meet your monthly budget. Budget Tracker has a number of different expenses you can track from clothing to entertainment. All the fields can be customized for your lifestyle and budget.

Stamp CollectorCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Organizers
This freeware stamp collection program can be a great help in organizing and cataloging your stamps. You can enter in a wide variety of stamp specific data from issue date and watermark to format and perforation. A picture of each stamp can be entered as well making it easier to find stamps as you browse through your collection using the simple user interface. Larger text fields allow you to enter in descriptive details and history of the stamp.

Software TrackerCategory:  Business & Finance » PIMS & Calendars
This free application is designed to manage and track your installed software base. With it you can track which applications are installed and important details about that software package such as installation date, version warranty, user name, a graphic for the box or CD art, etc. Other features such as printouts, exporting of data, help, undo, search, and customized fields can help you to maintain a record of your software inventory.

Coin CollectorCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Interest
This free coin collection package was designed to assist collectors of coins in cataloging and managing a large coin collection. For each coin a number of data fields can be entered on the main screen such as category, buy date, estimated value, mint, and more. You can then quickly search or scan through all your coins to find the one you are interested in. Printable reports, labels, custom fields, exporting of data, and help are included.

Comic Book CollectorCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Organizers
If you have got a large comic book collection and need an easy and cheap way to keep track of it, Comic Book Collector may be the program for you. This free software has multiple data fields which you can leave as we have designed them or change them to hold whatever data you would like. Later you can print, sort, and search your database of comic books. You can even check out comics to your friends or clients.

Sports Card CollectorCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Organizers
Catalog and track your collection of baseball, football, basketball and other sports cards with Sports Card Collector. A simple GUI allows you to easily input and edit information on each sports card with a number of different data fields such as brand, theme, category, and card date. A picture can be entered for each sports card as well as statistics. Features include print outs, search, file export, copy card, custom labels, and help.

Hardware Asset TrackerCategory:  Business & Finance » Inventory & Barcoding
Use Hardware Asset Tracker to manage and track hardware and technology assets such as PDAs, laptops, tablets, desktops, scanners, blade servers, and cameras. The software is simple to use allowing one to enter and browse through assets seamlessly. Important data such as warranty info, current location and owner, value, purchase price and date, model number, detailed history and repair reports, and more can all be tracked with this utility.

Film TrackerCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Organizers
This freeware utility is designed to help organize and track a movie media collection such as Blue Rays and DVDs. Included are lots of great features allowing you to enter data into a large number of information fields. You can quickly sort and flip through all your DVDs and films using the browse section on the main screen. Film Tracker is easy to learn. You can also print reports, customize the data labels, copy, and export files.

Home Inventory Manager by Duck SoftwareCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Organizers
Home Inventory Manager is free software that can help home owners to efficiently organize and catalog their home inventory. The software includes a number of fields which are tracked for each inventory item including serial number, brand, model, condition, location, and value. You can also enter in a picture, a detailed description, and the history of the item. This home inventory software is free to download and use with no limitations.

Gas Mileage MPG TrackerCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Finance
Gas Mileage Tracker is a simple software application programmed to calculate and record your gas usage and miles per gallon. The software automatically calculates highway and city MPG and can average your gas mileage over the life of your auto as well as per fill-up. You can track MPG on multiple cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. A number of additional MPG and gas mileage stats are tracked like miles driven, money spent, etc.

Album TrackerCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Organizers
Album Tracker is a music organizer program for cataloging a music collection. The simple GUI allows users to sort and search through CDs and other music media with ease. For each music item a number fields can be entered to be tracked and sorted. The program is freeware and includes the full feature set without restrictions including exporting and importing files, printing reports, custom labels, copy music, delete music, images, and more.

Golf TrackerCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Recreation
This easy to golf program can help to track and analyze your golf game. You can input up to 10 different stats for each golf hole you play including score, drive distance, number of putts, sand balls, etc. The software will then track averages and totals for a large number of stats. You can browse and sort golf rounds by golf course, date, and score. Also, printable reports and a picture section. Golf Tracker is free with no restrictions.

Book Tracker Collector EditionCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Organizers
Book collector s and librarians of small libraries will make use of this freeware organizer program for books. Its simple and intuitive interface allows the user to view much of the book collection s information on the main screen. You can quickly search, sort, and scan through books. Each book has 24 information fields including librarian fields, a book cover image, and a large note section. Fields are customizable as well as printed reports.

Book ReporterCategory:  Education » Teaching & Training Utilities
Book Reporter educational software is designed to be used in the classroom to teach students computer skills, keyboarding, reading, and language arts skills in one activity. The program can be used for any kind of reports or in conjunction with virtually any existing unit. The teacher's section is password protected and, if the teacher wants to, the teacher can assign each student their own password.

Ornament OrganizerCategory:  Business & Finance » PIMS & Calendars
Ornament Organizer will help you catalog all your Christmas Ornaments with 16 different fields.Ornament Organizer has a simple, easy-to-use interface that not only makes it easy to enter information, but also makes it easy to browse, sort, and print reports on the information you have entered. Also included, are two custom fields that you can use for whatever information you like. There is a section to enter your own description of the ornament.