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Granthaalok: The Book-Library ManagerCategory:  System Utilities » Other
Manages library (book entry, disposal, lending and returning; membership entry and exit etc.) records in a password-protected way. Has also an adder to add up to 40 modifiable numbers, each even multiplied by a factor such as 2 or 3 etc. (by default, 1).

Assam-Calcu: A Programmable All-Purpose CalculatorCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
Assam-Calcu is a 12-digit multi-purpose calculator that can store and recall thousands or even millions of your old calculations - whether ordinary or scientific. It may also be easily programmed to run hundreds of calculation-steps in one go. It is designed to be equally convenient for purposes as varied as the simplest grocery arithmetic as well as the most advanced technological computations.

Assam-Adder: 40-Number Adder that Edits & RecallsCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
Assam-Adder is an intuitive, as if on-paper, 40-number adder calculator that can add up to 40 contributing later-modifiable terms, whether very large or very small. There are also special provisions for multiple occurrences of the same term within a given calculation. Any earlier addition-sum may be instantly recalled to be re-calculated or modified. Text version of any current or past calculation may also be easily auto-generated.

Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB)Category:  Business & Finance » Other
Instantly auto-completes used/common words/phrases and auto-expands many 3-key-shorthands, even auto-forms symbols while typing.

Abhibhavak Organizer: As if Guardian in Life (AO)Category:  System Utilities » Other
Set, manage, and use long-term reminders; write daily diary and manage addresses. As if like a guardian, let your computer take care of your activities to do!