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Elcor Software The Elcor Software was founded by two software developers Nick Nifontov and Alexander Berezovsky on December, 2001. In the beginning we were working under other brand name - KL Soft, specializing in developing software solutions in various IT fields including data security tools, web based applications and other. Nowadays we create end-user applications, provide analysis and consulting and develop custom software solutions in different fields for other companies and persons.So if you want to get the most fresh & recent information about this our new project visit us at this address Custom Software Development We can design for you any custom-built software, just email us a description about the project you wanne be programmed. We will estimate its complexity level and set our price. The price can be either per hour or for the whole project (usually it depends on the project itself). Our team will complete your order in the shortest time yet providing high quality assured by our proffesionals.PowerfulNT/2K/XP/2003/Longhorn tool for cleaning and optimizing memory on your computer, PowerKey is an advanced encryption toolkit with many unique features which you won't come across in other products of such a kind available online
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Advanced Registry Doctor ProCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
Advanced Registry Doctor is capable of scanning for, diagnosing and curing multiple registry problems, which averts possible malfunctions and crashes, and significantly improves the speed of computer loading and performance. In addition, the program comes with a set of advanced options, like registry defragmenting, built-in scheduler, backup and restore feature, history log and many other perks - a registry toolkit, for example.

TweakRAMCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
Increase your RAM/Memory and speed up your computer (for Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2K, XP, 2003, and Longhorn) TweakRAM is designed to clean your PC memory. It can Optimize RAM to make your computer run faster and crash less often. and Increase your system performance by cleaning the content of your RAM. and lets you know the CPU information, memory usage, processes, and applications running on your computer.

Business Card StudioCategory:  Graphic Applications » Other
Powerful ease-of-use tool for designing nice looking templates of business cards. With its help you'll be able to create custom cards composed of various graphic shapes.

PowerKeyCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
PowerKey is an advanced encryption toolkit designed to protect your most sensitive data. Thanks to its easy-to-use and flexible interface you can now fastly encrypt your files and not worry about your information anymore, cause now it's safe. PowerKey allows creation of SFX packages (like WinZip). It also features secure deletion (Wipe) option providing you with the powerful tool designed to avoid restoration of sensitive data.

Premium BoosterCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
As time runs out your system may get unstable. This is usually caused by erroneous information stored in your registry along with other garbage which grows in size. This hinders performance of your PC preventing it to work correctly. Premium Booster provides successfull solution to these and other problems which could hit your machine. Get Premium Booster now and see what it's capable of!

Advanced Registry Doctor LiteCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
Advanced Registry Doctor (ARD) will cure your registry and thus provide a better performance of your Windows OS. Lots of programs, including MS Windows itself, have a bad habit to alter the registry in such a way, which causes appearance of different problems. Today you may install some new software on your PC and the next day it may happen that you ll get annoying error message while your Windows loads.

Registry DefragmentationCategory:  System Utilities » Registry & Shell Utilities
Registry Defragmentation is a small utility that does gigantic improvements in computer performance. Registry is the core of any operating system and it is the proper functioning registry that determines how fast the computer boots up, launches applications and carries out commands. This application physically defragments the Windows registry file to give it the proper linear structure.

XSpy Shield GoldCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy Utilities
The program scans the Windows registry, active processes, cookies and entire file system. It also checks essential system and networking components. XSpy Shield can perform full system scan or check only user-defined locations. It uses extensive spyware definitions database that includes more than 12,000 signatures. The database is updated on a regular basis. The program provides detailed scan reports, shows the description, exact location and ot