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The first project was game Yerevan drive - races on streets of Yerevan. But before release of game there were many attempts to create a game engine, and long months of self-study under articles and books. Many, by the way, with mistrust concerned to that fact that the engine has been created by us and specially for this purpose we put on our site the evolution of engine of Yerevan Drive with comments (you can see it here). The idea of creation of races on streets of Yerevan has arisen for a long time and long time remained only dream. Then when the certain knowledge on creation of games have already collected, we started working. And after a year, in 2005, Emergency Soft studio released the first version of the game, certainly not without the help of friends, and simply well-wishers who in many respects have helped with creation of the project. It was the first armenian 3D game.Emergency Soft engaged in games and software development. Project development and realization.
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Online TVxCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Other
Online TVX became more inclusive and professionalized, enriched with innovative features, better quality and fresh design. The program is working its way to please and benefit its users, enriching with new features and better quality. New Online TVx has its channel list extended to 6100, with 10 genres of TV and wide-reaching radio channels filtered by 80 countries from all over the world.

Online TVx RecorderCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
Online TVx Recorder provides Record function, which allows users to record TV channels/radio stations and save them in the Records section of the program. Recording of a channel can be set to specific time and definite date, even if the channel is not being watched at the moment and it can also be recorded simultaneously while watching. It's possible to record a channel and from saved records watch the original channel from the recording point.

Sitemap Writer ProCategory:  Web Development » XML & CSS Utilities
Sitemap Writer Pro is an easy- to -use program, fast and efficient which offers creation of sitemaps with millions of URLs and 6 different types of sitemaps (Standard Sitemap, Google News, Google Video, Google Code Search, Google Geo, Google Mobile) to properly index every website, generate an xml sitemap and upload it to all search engines that support XML sitemaps (Google, Yahoo,, Bing ( and

RSS Channel WriterCategory:  Web Development » XML & CSS Utilities
RSS Channel Writer is a powerful RSS feed creator, editor and submitter. With this program you can easily create general RSS feeds, iTunes RSS feed and RSS for Google products for your web site in seconds. It includes wizard, autocomplete tools, FTP manager, HTML and XML viewer and automatic RSS ping tool to RSS servers which data base will be updated permanently. No need of XML syntax knowledge, all you need to know is how to use the program.

History Killer ProCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
History Killer Pro secures your online privacy by erasing dangerous and compromising files. This very intuitive and user-friendly software offers customizable features that let you control what gets removed and what stays. Custom view of Recycle Bin will let you control all deleted files with their exact location. History Killer Pro is your online privacy guarantee.

Sitemap WriterCategory:  Web Development » XML & CSS Utilities
Sitemap Writer is a light version of Sitemap Writer Pro. This is a handy tool that helps you to create and edit sitemaps for your websites. Sitemap Writer is an XML editor for sitemap files

History KillerCategory:  Security & Privacy » Other
History Killer helps to protect your privacy by removing traces of computer and Internet activities with a single mouse click. Free scan will show you the size of disk space you can free. User-friendly interface and simple description will help you securely and quickly kill precisely what is needed. It also includes more than 180 plugins and regular plugin updates for free. Files and traces once deleted with History Killer can never be recovered!