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Encryptomatic llc is a developer of customer-centric Microsoft Office solutions that protect the privacy of our customers email communications. Our products are widely available through an international online distribution network. We are a growing company, founded in 2005 by Darren Leno, formerly Product Manager for Microsoft, Business Solutions Division, and a software product marketing consultant.
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MessageExport for OutlookCategory:  Communications » Email Utilities
MessageExport is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that extends Outlook's export abilities. It is designed for anyone who needs to quickly and easily export email messages from Microsoft Outlook to different formats, including .msg, .eml, .mht, .pdf, .txt, .jpg, .gif, .tif. MessageExport now supports SharePoint server and Symantec Vault. Build custom export profiles to accomplish a specific tasks that you may now be performing manually. Free trial

MSG Viewer Pro Email ViewerCategory:  Communications » Email Utilities
If you have lots of important email messages stored as .msg or .eml files, then you need MSG Viewer Pro. Search emails, and then reply or forward to messages. Open email file attachments. Convert messages to .pdf. Msg Viewer Pro helps you open Outlook .msg files, even if Outlook is not installed. Download a free trial today and test it out for 14 days.

PDF Postman Email Encryption for OutlookCategory:  Security & Privacy » Encryption Utilities
PDF Postman offers an easy way to send private emails with MS Outlook. Messages and files are placed in a PDF file then encrypted with strong AES-256 encryption. Since most recipients already have a PDF viewer, they only need to click on the encrypted pdf file and enter a password. Works across devices and platforms. No expensive or complex S/MIME certificates to install. Download a free trial of PDF Postman.

MessageLock Email Encryption for OutlookCategory:  System Utilities » File Compression
MessageLock adds email encryption and zip file compression to Microsoft Outlook. It combines strong U.S. Gov't approved AES-256 bit encryption with the near-universal compatibility of the Zip file format. MessageLock delivers email encryption and zip compression for your message and/or file attachments. With version 2.2, MessageLock now integrates with the web service, allowing you to send secure messages to anyone. Download a trial

OutDisk FTP for OutlookCategory:  Network & Internet » Telnet, SSH & FTP Clients
Having trouble with big file attachments bouncing your Outlook email messages? You need OutDisk for Outlook! OutDisk is the easiest way to share big files through email. Just choose the file(s) you want to send using the OutDisk toolbar button. OutDisk will automatically upload your files to an ftp server and insert the links into your email. OutDisk's simple interface is easy and powerful. Also zips and encrypts. Free trial!

OutDisk FTP for EmailCategory:  Network & Internet » Telnet, SSH & FTP Clients
OutDisk FTP for Email makes it easy to share big files in your email messages. Works with any email program including Outlook. Try it free! Just drag a file to the OutDisk icon on your desktop, and Outlook will upload your file and give you a link to share in the email message. Each email has its own directory for added security. Easy to deploy in a corporate environment for multiple users.

MVCOM COM email type libraryCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
MVCOM is a COM component for developers who need to integrate .msg, .eml and .pst file support and search into their applications (note: .pst support requires mapi). MVCOM is based on Encryptomatic s version 3 code of MSGViewer Pro, the popular viewer software. With MVCOM developers can access key fields in email messages, and then display or extract their contents. Download a free trial.

msgAPI - API for Outlook .msg filesCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
By popular request from the developer community, Encryptomatic has produced an API for developers who need to integrate .msg file support and search into their applications. with MVCOM, there is no requirement to install MAPI or the Outlook client.