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History Enkeladress Software has been active since late 2002, and in the beginning we mainly developed free utilities. For example the popular BIDE, an integrated development enviroment for Blitz Basic, a programming language for creating games.Compile your scripts with Vbs2Exe, create Html Help files from MsWord, take motion screen captures
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InstallerExplorerCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
In what you thought of as the safe haven of your computer there's guaranteed to be software installed without your conscent or knowledge. This free utility allows you to browse, show details and uninstall unwanted software. Using a nice and simplistic user interface you will quickly regain control over the installed software on your computer.

Vbs2ExeCategory:  Development Tools » Compilers & Interpreters
With Vbs2Exe you can compile your scripts to standalone executables, the easy to use interface provides a simple way to protect your scripts before you distribute them to your clients. The builtin extended commandset gives easy access to some very usefull methods, including some API calls and the possibility to get special folder locations like "Desktop dir" etc. The script editor also increases your productivity compared to using notepad.

ZenHelpCategory:  Development Tools » Other
With ZenHelp you can create HTML help files with just a few clicks. The power of Microsoft Word together with the intuitive and feature rich ZenHelp add-in will get you started creating HTML help files within just a couple of minutes. The use of topic variables and templates greatly reduces the time you spend on writing help files.