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Abstract: Life Ahead - a new and powerful computer program provided as a free download by its author - shows how many people probably can gain 15 or more years of healthy life from acceptable changes in diet, exercise and other lifestyle factors. The program values the benefits from user's health habits and factors including the amounts of 23 key nutrients in each entered diet, and compares these with values needed for best long range health. It shows the specific things that can be done to achieve best long range health, and how much benefit the change in each action can produce. Life ahead can provide an objective health value for any diet or amount and kind of any exercise. The program can value for a first time the short term and long term health benefit of adding any amount of an included food to any base diet.Lifeahead shows how most people can gain 15-16 added years of future Well-Days of life from better Diet, Cardiofitness, Exercise,and other Health Habits.
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The free Life Ahead Program Model #3 provides the most advanced-yet analysis of exercise and health. And the most advanced-yet analysis of diet and health. Develop your exercise program to improve and measure your CFR, the best validated measure of Cardiofitness that can add 5 years to healthy life. Global Scientific Nutrition shows how to develop a diet that you will like that often can add another 5 years to your healthful life