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Download free shareware game -- Galaxy Unfurled
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Robot HeavenCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Adventure & Roleplay
Robot-Heaven is a fun, fast, 3-D action, adventure game! Eddie the Robot is on a quest to save Robot World from the Evil Count Fishhead. Fishhead has stolen all the power gems throughout the land, and it's Eddie's job to get them back. It won't be easy as Eddie faces mazes, Fishhead's minions, and a puzzle or two along the way.

Galaxy UnfurledCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
... Growing unrest among the galactic legions forebodes of interstellar war. Posturing of alliances and positioning of fleets, and yet, even as the galactic warlords arm themselves to the fangs, civilization somehow blooms on lush new blue-green worlds, undeterred ... Space-based real-time strategy game. The player must win spaceship battles as well as create sim civilizations on colonized planets.