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The Geometros company was founded in 2001. A number of orders from different companies (considering specific fields of their activity) stimulated the solid-state modeling core and CAD system development.Having considered all the requirements to the modeling system features, we began to develop the geometrical core and architecture of the future system. It was based on the principle of dividing our clients' requirements considering their fields of activity into separate modules provided apart from the system.At present our company consists of 10 people. We are constantly improving our products. A 24-hour technical support for our clients, integration of our systems to other activities as well as our users requirements fulfillment - this is the base of our company.Geometros products
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sgCoreCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
SgCore is a new 3D geometric modeling component program that allows programmers to effectively create and manipulate the most elaborate 3D and 2D objects. By coupling excellent 3D modeling functionality with a user-friendly interface and 24-hour customer support, sgCore becomes a core choice for powering your applications. The SgCore library is always improving and any registered user can influence the functionality of the new versions