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Graduate Games was founded in 2006 by Michael Gnade and Zachary Gebelein in Wilmington, DE ( The Place to be Somebody! that s really the city s slogan). Mike and Zak grew up next door to one another and have been friends for decades. Graduate Games aims to offer fun, creative, and polished games to the kid in all of us. Inspired by the great Genesis, NES, and SNES games of our youth, It is our goal to make our game ideas a reality. After all, the 2D era of gaming rocked! While there are some phenomenal next-gen games out there, they have teams made up of 30 people or more and we all know 2 big dorks are no match for a swarm of nerds. If you'd like to support us and our passion for video games you can obviously purchase a game, or donate to the cause. You canabout supporting us here. The most important thing is to spread the word so link to us, tell your friends, and all that. Thanks everyone for your support!Graduate Games is an Indie Video Game / Computer Game Developer who offers Free Online Arcade Games, Free Game Reviews, Free game demo downloads, as well as commercial computer games. Our focus ison old-school, classic, retro 2-D game design and development, such as Metroid, Castlevania, and other great platformers and adventure titles.
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Meteor Mayhem DemoCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Action
Meteor Mayhem is a hectic puzzle/action game. Gameplay consists of building gadgets to divert meteors and protect your cities. It is sort of missile command meets the Incredible machine with an element of Tetris. Meteors fall and damage your gadgets, so you have to constantly watch them so they don't explode! You also control a vehicle that collects power-ups such as slow time, reverse, and black hole.