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This site contains pieces of software and other information that we hope may be useful to others. Gradually, we hope to enlarge it, but nothing will be added unless we feel that it could be of use to others be it free (with conditions) software, articles, or other information. We are husband and wife and live in Northampton, England. Colin is an electronics engineer and Elaine is a secondary school teacher. We have two grown-up daughters. We may be contacted at web-site(a)
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Hillyheights Vocabulary TeacherCategory:  Education » Languages
If you are learning any foreign language, from an elementary level up to a more advanced level, you may well have vocabulary lists to learn. This Freeware (for non-commercial use only) program may well help.

Professeur de vocabulaire HillyheightsCategory:  Education » Languages
Si vous apprendrez une langue trang re, n'importe quel niveau, il y aurait peut- tre les listes des mots apprendre. Ce logiciel gratuit (pour l'usage non commercial) peut vous aider. Comme ci : * Il vous pose des questions dans une fa on al atoire. * Il se souvient de vos fautes pour qu'il puisse les reposer. * Si vous vous trompez il faut que vous copiez la bonne r ponse avant que vous puissiez continuer.

Hillyheights IP TrackerCategory:  Network & Internet » Remote Computing
The Hillyheights IP-address Tracker is designed to work alongside remote administration software where someone connects to another's computer to help them. The problem with all these situations is that you need to know their IP-address before you can connect, but this may be dynamically assigned. The Hillyheights IP-address tracker is useful when you have a fixed IP-address, and you need to track the IP-addresses of other computers.

Suiveaur d'adresses IP de HillyheightsCategory:  Network & Internet » Remote Computing
Le Suiveur d'adresse IP est con u pour tre un compagnon du logiciel d'acc s distance. C'est-a-dire logiciel que l'on utilise pour faire une connexion avec un ordinateur pour aider l'utilisateur, mais il y aura les autres situations quand il pourrait tre utile.

Hillyheights File CompareCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
This freeware program is a useful little program that adds an easy way to see if two files on your computer are the same. Whilst there are many programs available that can do this, what "Hillyheights File Comparer" does is provide an easy always-accessible solution on the "Send To" menu. The result is shown as a flash-up window that lasts for 2 seconds.

Hillyheights comparateur de fichiersCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
Ce logiciel gratuit est con u pour vous donner une m thode simple et int gr e de faire une comparaison entre deux fichiers. Pendant qu'il existe les autres programmes qui peut le faire, ce que vous aimerez de "Le Comparateur des Hillyheights" est qu'il vous fournit une solution toujours accessible sur votre "Envoyer ".

Hillyheights LockoutCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Hillyheights Lockout is the perfect solution if your kids spend too much time on the computer, and you can find out just how perfect with our 31 day trial. Now you can decide when it's time to give it a rest. Ideally, you'd like it if just saying "no" was all it took, but where it used to be a torch under the bedclothes, now it's hearing a little beep from their room in the middle of the night.