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It works by having some listeners (red) who are downloading the audio stream from the server (green) then upload it to other listeners, who in turn upload it to even more listeners, forming a branching tree.The broadcasting server only sends the stream to a few of them, instead of sending it to every one individually, as happens in conventional client-server systems.New listeners tag on the the outside edge of the tree, and because each one provides new upload capacity to the network there is no limit to their number. They also move around in the tree according to their upload bandwidth and listening time, and as others leave and join the network. High bandwidth and long-stay listeners tend to move closer to the broadcast server (closer = less hops)Streamer p2p radio
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Streamer p2p radioCategory:  Network & Internet » File Sharing & Peer to Peer
Streamerp2p is a small app for listening to and broadcasting internet radio. It uses p2p relaying to take most of the bandwidth load off the main server, so allowing unlimited listeners for virtually nothing. It's 'bittorrent for streams'. Features: stations list, chat rooms, player, Winamp plugin for integration with shoutcast-type streams, and an activex applet for embedding on web pages. Do your podcast live, DJ to your friends/clan.