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Technology solutions for Eye Care Professionals.. Sites include: eyeCEonline, EyeCharts Software, EyeDocNetwork, www.AlderwoodEyes.comTechnology solutions for Eye Care Professionals.. Sites include: eyeCEonline, EyeCharts Software, EyeDocNetwork,
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MyImmunizationRecords ShotsTrackerCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Health & Nutrition
My Immunization Records - Easily track your vaccination history. Because there is no centralized method to track a person's immunization history, many times you end up getting duplicate shots. Your childhood vaccination history, school and military records and adult immunizations can all be listed in one place. Using our software to assist with organizing this task, you can easily generate a complete and up-to-date list of immunizations.

Quick Corporate MinutesCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
Quick Corporate Minutes (aka "QuickMinutes") will allow you to enter your state-required corporate minutes and resolution requirements. Even if you are just a one-man operation, the formal requirements of maintaining records of corporate meetings is essential. The purpose of Quick Corporate Minutes is to help you achieve these goals with the minimum of effort.

Ophthalmic EMR - ezChartWriterCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
ezChartWriter is a powerful ophthalmic EMR system, yet is easy-to-use for even computer novices. It includes a built-in word processor, SOAP based encounter creator, report editor, Rx logbook feature, reminders and clinical notes documentation tool in one application. The front-end allows you to organize your patient demographics, Rx's and insurance information. Additional modules for insurance claim billing, appointment scheduling and recall.

ezFrontDesk - Medical Office ManagementCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
Patient Management Software. It allows you to track, bill, schedule and send recall letters/emails to your patients. Perfect for small offices such as therapists, counsellors, physicians, chiropractors, optometrists and other health care proviers.

FTC Red Flag Rules WizardCategory:  Business & Finance » Accounting & Finance
FTC Red Flag Rules Wizard (aka Red Flag Wizard) allows you to easily create an Identity Theft compliance plan. Under the Red Flags Rules, creditors must develop a written program that identifies and detects the relevant warning signs or red flags of identity theft. These may include, for example, unusual account activity, fraud alerts on a consumer report, or attempted use of suspicious account application documents.

ezScriptWriterCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
ezScriptWriter is a powerful yet easy-to-use software system for creating and printing medication and/or ophthalmic prescriptions. It includes a built-in word processor, report editor, Rx logbook feature, reminders and note documentation tool in one application, which you can use to organize your patient demographics, Rx's and other data. Besides printing, ezScriptWriter can export data in both text and PDF formats.

Recently AgedCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Health & Nutrition
Recently Aged - Lifetime Milestone Calculator is a fun way to review your lifetime statistics and to learn your exact age (down to minute/second). A companion to the "Handbook for the Recently Aged".