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About Illumit Illumit L.L.C. was established May 2002 in Belfair, Washington to help make technology work better for people by not letting anything get in the way of doing the things that help the most.WebLight embodies this this goal. By providing a practical way for people to find broken HTML and links, WebLight helps make the web a reliable communication tool for everyone.Home page of Illumit L.L.C.
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WebLight is a web crawler that builds xml sitemaps and finds link, markup & css bugs efficiently. It validates and checks links in css, html, xhtml, news feeds and sitemaps. Local, private, public and large sites are no problem. It can scan hundreds of resources per minute and is used on sites with more than 30,000 links. Building XML Sitemaps is easy using the data WebLight collects and its spreadsheet like sitemap editor.