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Infinite Solutions is dedicated to making the life of the Network Administrator easier. We specialize in taking day to day activities and automating them. The web site has a growing number of our tools, but this is by no means a full array of what we have to offer. Much of our work is custom designed to fill your exact needs and provide the most robust solution possible.
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DFS BackupCategory:  Network & Internet » Other
Automatically backup all AD based DFS namespaces. Can be command line driven to incorporate into a scheduled backup event. DFSBackup will query Active directory for all DFS namespaces and either backup all of them or a selected few. Restores are just as easy, select what needs to be restored and DFSBackup will do the rest. Peace of mind for the System Administrators to know their namespaces are safely backed up.

DFS ExplorerCategory:  Network & Internet » Web Browsers
Explore DFS Namespaces with the explorer style GUI. Open any DFS namespaces in the entire Active Directory forest and bowse it's contents. Examine link parameters and share permissions. Open links in Explorer to view it contents. Little brother to DFS Commander with can edit links.

DFS CommanderCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
Explorer style DFS management tool. Rename links, repoint links, copy links, delete links and drag and drop links between folders. Makes DFS management a breeze. Far better than the DFS MMC snapin that comes with Windows Server. Manage all DFS namespaces in your entire AD Forest in one simple but powerful GUI. All namespaces can be easily searched to find links. Share properties can be displayed as well as the target share can be explored,

TSConCategory:  Network & Internet » Telnet, SSH & FTP Clients
Tabbed environment for RDP connectiosn. Organize with groups. Browse AD and Windows Networking to find serves. Each server connection is displayed in it's own tab making management of open session very easy. Connection options to replace the shell with the program of your choice. Post scripts can be used to run scripts as each terminal session closes. Great for hotfix installations.

ImageViewCategory:  Graphic Applications » Viewers
ImageView will display all major images and multi-media file types. Images can be protect within passworded IVS files to prevent unauthorized viewing. Perfect to prevent minors from viewing images and videos you would rather them not see. Capture from most video devices including capture of video files.IVS file are also perfect for web masters with subscriptions to image content, IVS can be controlled via digital certificates.

ServiceQueryCategory:  Network & Internet » Search & Lookup Utilities
Service Query fills the need with a fast multi-threaded application to search your Windows network for services. Can be filtered to show on those running, stopped or by name. Change Service passwords and usernames across entire domains. Run scripts against selected services to stop a service, copy files, and restart it again. Run reports and save them to CSV file for later use.