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This site is about relationships. Specifically, two very important relationships. The first is our relationship with customers who wish to purchase software over the Internet. The second is our relationship with developers who wish to sell software over the Internet. We'll talk about both.Purchasing software over the Internet is convenient, simple and doesn't require that you communicate with a hygienically- challenged salesman. Doesn't get much better than that. There's a lot of good software out there, written by dedicated tech-heads who know how software programs should run. The problem they run into is trying to package and distribute the software for everyone in the world. Not a small problem. And that's where we come in.We gather software from all around the world and distribute it to anyone with a valid credit card. Much of the software on the site can be downloaded immediately. Find something that you like, fill out the easy order form on our secured site and then download the software. If you like the feel of a disk or maybe a manual in your hands, many of our developers will send you the materials later.utility to limit & monitor windows user's activity
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InfoArmor User Security ManagerCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
a powerful utility to limit & monitor windows user's activity, it can: protect and hide your private files / folders. prevent other users from using your private software. prevent other users from using / installing new software. prevent other users from changing your system settings. record all users' screen shot silently and periodically.