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Every organization aspires for exponential growth in profitability, market capitalization, revenue and customers. This can be achieved by deploying innovative applications through flexible and adaptive business processes, using new and emerging technologies. The Internet today is the key enabler to information sharing among people and business partners. InfoSoft Global Private Limited intends to offer products and services in exclusive Internet-related technologies that help clients to deploy systems at high speed.InfoSoft Global Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of web applications and services, is a part of InfoSoft group, having 20 years experience in Information Technology.At InfoSoft Global, we ve identified Macromedia Flash based web applications as our focus area. We believe that Macromedia Flash is a breakthrough in delivering effective experiences to end users, enabling rich Internet applications that blend content, application logic and communications.InfoSoft Global - Creators of FusionCharts - Animated Flash Charts, Graphs and Maps. FusionCharts Free and FusionCharts v3 offer 2D or 3D data-driven line, area, column, bar, pie, doughnut (donut) and many more charts and graphs.
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FusionChartsCategory:  Web Development » Wizards & Components
FusionCharts v3 helps you create animated and interactive Flash charts for web and desktop applications. It livens up your applications by converting monotonous data into exciting visuals. FusionCharts can be integrated with a myriad of web technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Python or even simple HTML pages. It works with all databases.

FusionCharts for FlexCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
FusionCharts for Flex is a charting component for Adobe Flex solutions. It helps you create interactive charts and graphs in your Flex projects. The charts are powered by FusionCharts v3 framework - the industry leader in Adobe Flash Charting. FusionCharts for Flex offers over 45 chart types spanning both 2D and 3D charts.

FusionCharts for VBCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
FusionCharts for VB is a charting component for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0. It allows you to render interactive and animated charts in your Visual Basic applications. With the ability to render over 40 chart types spanning both 2D and 3D charts, it can render a pretty face to virtually any type of data that is otherwise boring. The best part is that you do not need to know anything about Adobe Flash to use FusionCharts for VB.

FusionCharts FreeCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
FusionCharts Free is a flash charting component that can be used to render data-driven & animated charts for your web applications and presentations. It is a cross-browser and cross-platform solution that can be used with PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, ColdFusion, simple HTML pages or even PowerPoint Presentations to deliver interactive and powerful flash charts. You do NOT need to know anything about Flash to use it.

FusionMapsCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
FusionMaps v3 helps you create animated, interactive and data-driven Flash Maps for your dynamic web applications. Using FusionMaps, you can display geographical data distributed by category, regions or entities. Ideal usage examples are statistical display of data, flight routes, office locations, election results, survey results or business data like "Revenue by Regions" or "Revenue by states". FusionMaps does NOT work on zip codes or lat/long.