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In connection with change of telephone codes of cities in Russia, there was a need for a product which can execute code conversion in telephone numbers.InspiritSystems:Products and services for work automation and productivity improvement
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MailZip ProCategory:  Communications » Email Utilities
MailZip Pro is the powerful Microsoft Outlook add-in for managing of attached files. Main features of MailZip Pro: MailZip Pro automatically archives attachments in outgoing messages, unpacks archives in incoming messages and works with password-protected archives. MailZip Pro opens or saves attached files in a selected folder on a local or network drive MailZip Pro allows opening or saving hidden attachments like background pictures.

PhoneRecoderCategory:  Communications » Email Utilities
Russia changes array phone codes. For example, array code of Moscow changes from 095 to 495. Manual recoding will take a great lot of time. The InspiritSystems presents a program PhoneRecoder that allows you to perform recoding phone arrays quick and easy. This solution is applicable for most of mail clients, mobile phones, PDA, services like Yahoo!Mail, GMail, and so on. Product is freeware. There are user manuals (English and Russian).