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Ionic Wind Software - Aurora compilerIonic Wind Software - Home of the Emergence BASIC compiler
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Emergence BASICCategory:  Development Tools » Compilers & Interpreters
Emergence BASIC is a full featured compiler and development environment for Windows. Creates small, fast, native executables and DLL's. The environment is modular with new commands available separately using add-on command libraries. An advanced 2D game and graphics command set, and database command set is included. The robust IDE sports a source level debugger, integrated GUI designer, and resouce editor.

Aurora CompilerCategory:  Development Tools » Compilers & Interpreters
Aurora is a powerful 32 bit compiler featuring an integrated development environment with advanced compiler, assembler and linker. Aurora features a C/C++ like syntax with high level commands making it ideal for students and advanced programmers alike. Aurora can create stand alone executables with no runtime libraries needed. Designed to be a cross platform compiler with both Windows and Linux versions available.

Creative BASICCategory:  Development Tools » Basic, VB, VB DotNet
Create stand-alone Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista programs with easy to use Creative BASIC. Great for students and beginners powerful enough for advanced programmers. CBasic features a syntax similar to BASIC with all the power of Windows. Built in editor, debugger and resource compiler. No external libraries or runtimes needed. Full MDI support. Dynamic window, dialog and control creation. DirectX and Direct3D support. Console compiler included