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HDX4 is an MPEG4 codec that provides outstanding video quality at extremely high processing speeds, is highly portable to a wide variety of different platforms and allows for high versatility.HDX4 offers various video and audio codecs, providing outstanding quality at extremely high processing speeds. Highly portable to a wide variety of different platforms and allows for high versatility. HDX4 offers software developments kits for professional users and desktop products for private users. HDX4 is a complete solution that plays nearly all MPEG1,2 and 4 compatible video files. Even with various different container formats. 3gp, asf, .avi or .mp4, all is possible. And of course HDX4 is not only for watching movies. It's possible to encode compatible movies for mobile phones, for your bulky MPEG4 player at home, even for your iPod, Apple TV, iPhone, PS3, Nintendo Wii or your Playstation PSP. What are you waiting for? It's possible to test HDX4 for free...
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HDX4 Movie CreatorCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Converter Tools
The HDX4 movie creator provides you with a complete solution for creating and playing digital video on your PC. Beside a converting solution to create movies for various devices like mobile phones (3GP, 3GPP2 or SD videos), Playstation PSP,the new iPod, portable devices, or MPEG4 compatible DVD player, it contains the full versions of the HDX4 codec, a player for common audio and video files and container formats like MP4 or 3GP.

HDX4 PlayerCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
The "HDX4 Player" consists of the powerful HDX4 decoder and a video player which can not only playback MPEG4 videos but also a great number of common audio and video files. After having installed the player you will not only be able to play MPEG4 (like Nero Digital, DivX and XviD) files but also be able to play and open other container formats like MP4 as well as audio tracks encoded in MPEG-1 Layer 2, Ogg, AAC or AMR.