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Functionality - programs are created to give users some new abilities. It sounds trivial but ask yourself: how often do you meet programs that look attractive, unusual, funny, can use different skins or color schemes but just do nothing useful as a result?User feedback - a software program is so good as its users consider it valuable for their needs. So that is why we take into account any proposition, suggestion or request from our users and try to respond accordingly (by making necessary changes in our software or fixing found bugs) and in a short space of time.All available products are distributed by try-before-buy scheme so you can test each program completely to decide if it suits to your needs or not.
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EasyQuery.NET WebFormsCategory:  Web Development » ASP & PHP
EasyQuery.NET WebForms is a user-friendly solution for building database queries. This ASP.NET query builder will make life easier for the users of your ASP.NET applications. With it, they will be able to extract the information from the database that they are looking for. The set of components is also exceptionally easy to use from a developer's viewpoint as well, providing an efficient and reliable solution.

NewsPiperCategory:  Network & Internet » Other
NewsPiper is an RSS feed reader, news aggregator, web grabber and news ticker in one. It allows you to monitor your favorite news sites (,, etc.), RSS feeds or blogs, retrieve necessary news and display it in the usual three panes newsreader interface (channels, news titles, news details) or scroll it in a special bar (NewsBar) placed at the top of your screen.

ClarityCategory:  Development Tools » Management & Distribution
Clarity system integrates different services used by software developers and managers in one universal web-based solution. It helps to automate different everyday tasks in several areas of software development such as project management, issue/bug tracking, documentation and customer support. Clarity is built on Java technology so it can be installed on most operating systems and hardware platforms.

CrammerCategory:  Education » Other
Crammer is a program intended to teach you new foreign words or any other terms, formulas etc. without interruption from your main work. You can create several dictionaries on the subjects you want to study, then let the Crammer remind you the words in the special "Reminder Strip" - small always-on-top window that you can move into any place on your screen.