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Kryptile Design was formed in October, 2003 to be a ferocious rival for leaders in both entertainment software development and design of interactive systems for PC. That is to say, we aim for a special path directed by eternal self-perfection in programming philosophy on the one hand, and by ideology of Tao on the other. We, who are not as others, look for different estimations of things, of life and face them atrocious and beautiful sometimes. We propagate the soul fly and the philosophic viewpoint through the power of modern graphic and sound cards.Nowadays we offer wide range of outsourcing services, including but not limited to art and game design, programming, testing, full technical and end user documentation, product support and localization, online publishing. Just let us know what you need and we immediately respond you with a solution.
Latest Windows software from Kryptile Screensavers

Winged Aces 3D ScreensaverCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
This is a brand new 3D-airplane-screensaver for true airplane lovers. Genuine physics, ultra-realistic 3D graphics and Dolby Surround audio will put you into the breathtaking world of single-seat piston fighters! Watch WWII military planes rushing and maneuvering over the sky! Are you brave enough to witness a good old dog-fight? If so, download and try it now! Suddenly you'll feel just like a pilot from the past.

A Matrix 3D ScreensaverCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
A realistic LCD monitor is hovering in front of your desktop and running a variant of Matrix Screensaver in the style of Kryptile Screensavers! Matrix glyphs include reversed letters, numbers, and Japanese katakana characters. The Matrix code flows down the screen leaving a greenish trace, just as in the movie! Download and watch it yourself!

Advanced Warp ScreensaverCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
When your system has been idle for some time, your desktop icons and windows, that seemed so clear and solid a few moments ago, become blurred and fluid, like a liquid or a dense gas. Immerse yourself into a fantastically surreal world, a strange world: it is trembling, breathing and sneezing as if it were alive. The wonderful thing about it is its ability to respond to your mouse!

Book Of Time 3D ScreensaverCategory:  Desktop Tools » Screen Savers
This screen saver is a philosophic approach to the process of time. The book, which has next moment on each of its pages. On the one page it has the past on the next the future comes. Where is the present then? Maybe somewhere between these two ones. This screen saver makes it possible to behold the enigma how the time is turning over on the shabby old book's pages. Do you want to look through the book till the end?