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Kudos Games - Strategy games and puzzle games to download for the PC. Challenge your mind!
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Wu Hing: The Five ElementsCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
Wu Hing is a strategy board game based on the five Chinese elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The game pits two players (yin and yang) against each other, with the objective to create, destroy and transform the elements in play. Only the most cunning player will win, so plan your moves carefully and come up with a winning strategy to outwit your opponent. Have you got what it takes to master the elements?

Treasures of RaCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Explore the ancient wonders of Egypt in this mind bending puzzle game. Puzzle your way through ruined temples and forgotten shrines, collecting treasures along the way. Using mirrors, gems and other objects, you must direct the sunlight onto exit glyphs to solve each puzzle. Use crates to collect the treasures, but beware of pits and other dangers.