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LatticeFramework StudioCategory:  Business & Finance » Databases & Utilities
LatticeFramework Studio is a powerful, yet easy-to-use xml metadata-driven Rapid Application Development tool that is model-based and supplied with entire sets of templates for generating proven architectures (Monorail MVC, Castle ActiveRecord, Extjs and more). It is a software factory to get your job done faster. LatticeFramework Studio includes many useful models and templates.

Lattice.SPGen Stored Procedure and Code GeneratorCategory:  Business & Finance » Databases & Utilities
Lattice.SPGen is a template-based stored procedure and code generator that supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2 UDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL. It processes any tables and views in the database that you select and generate stored procedures scripts of insert, update, delete, select (single or multiple records) as well as business entities for C# and VB.NET. The output scripts file can be chosen as one file for all tables / views or one per table / view based on your preference.

Lattice.PortalCategory:  System Utilities » Other
Lattice.Portal is a re-designed IBuySpy Portal using strong OO techniques with the help of Lattice.DataMapper persistence framework. It was developed to demonstrate the power and simplicity of the Lattice.DataMapper persistence framework. The Lattice.Portal offers all the functionality of typical portal applications, including: 10 basic portal modules for common types of content, Custom portal modules based on a "pluggable" framework that is simple to extend, Online administration of portal layout, content and security, Roles-based security for viewing content, editing content, and administering the portal

Lattice.DataMapperCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Lattice.DataMapper is a .NET based object persistence library for relational databases. Lattice.DataMapper bridges the gap between objects and data source and allows the developer to work at the object level with little knowledge of the data source.