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Leithauser Research features downloadable Windows shareware software for computer security, access control, computer use monitoring, and business applications.
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Web Site ZapperCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Web Site Zapper closes Web browsers that are displaying undesirable Web sites. It can be used either for popup control, or to control Internet access. It can also control WHEN people can access the Internet. Create lists of good and bad Web sites, either manually or by having Web Site Zapper build lists automatically. Web Site Zapper can either close down any site on the bad site list, or close down any site NOT on the good site list.

Settings LockCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Password protect 13 Windows settings and functions. These settings are: The computer clock time and date, System Restore, Video display properties, such as wallpaper and screen saver (called Display Personalization in Vista), Internet Options, Add/Remove Programs (called Programs and Features in Vista), User Accounts, Windows Security Center, System Properties, Add Hardware Wizard, Network Connects and Setup Wizard (called Network and Sharing Cen

Clock GuardCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Software program that prevents tampering with the computer clock. Insures integrity of file time/date stamps, employee sign-in/sign-out times, computer use registration, etc.

Internet Password LockCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Password protect all access to the Internet (Web surfing, Instant Messaging, email, etc.). Protect children by making sure they do not use the Internet without a parent present or lock out unauthorized Internet use on business computers. Once Internet Password Lock is installed, all Internet access is blocked when Windows starts. Input a password to access the Internet. You can then access the Internet freely until you lock the Internet again.

Golf HandicapperCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Recreation
Golf Handicapper is a program that can store any number of scores for any number of players. It automatically calculates the handicap, net score, and index for each game for each player. Uses the slope method, and can be used with multiple golf courses.

Australian Golf Handicap CalculatorCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Recreation
Golf Handicapper is a program that can store any number of scores for any number of players. It automatically calculates the handicap, net score, and index for each game for each player using Australian handicap system. Uses the slope method, and can be used with multiple golf courses.

Drive BlockerCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Block and disable removable drives (flash drives, etc.) and drives that use removable disks (CD's, floppies). User selected password required to access removable media. Stop data theft, installation of unauthorized software. Reduce infections of viruses, worms, trojans.

Password ShieldCategory:  Security & Privacy » Password Managers
Protect passwords. Let employees input passwords without knowing them. They click on a site name from a list and then on the masked password input box, so employees never know the password. Employees must log onto Password Shield with their own password, and it logs all sites that person access. If suspicious account activity occurs, you can see who accessed the site. Also, many spyware keyloggers cannot see passwords sent from Password Shield.

Picture Me Photo ManipulationCategory:  Graphic Applications » Editors
Load background picture, then paste photos of heads, people, or other objects onto this picture. Objects can be easily resized, rotated by any angle (not just 90 degree increments), and moved around the background picture. Final pictures can be printed, saved to a file, and emailed. Demo mode lets you experiment, but not save or print your own images. Buy 5 uses for $9.99, 50 for $49.99, or unlimited for $99.99. Charge fees at parties, etc.

Project Deadline Countdown Timer ManagerCategory:  Business & Finance » Project Management
Provides a constantly updated list of projects you are working on and tells how long (days, hours, and minutes) until each project is due. Displays a list of all your projects, arranged in ascending order of how long you have before the project is due. Allows you to assign a project name, status indicator, deadline and unlimited number of comments to each project, and to edit these properties at any time. Records finished projects.

Program and Internet Rental SoftwareCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Program that allows you to easily rent or sell time on your computer. Will block any specific programs or functions (such as Web browsing) that you tell it to until the user inputs a password that allows access. Offers two methods for renting time. Either sell one-time use passwords that will allow acess for a set time, or set up accounts that track time used for later billing.

Information RetrieverCategory:  Business & Finance » Databases & Utilities
Store and retrieve information, like phone numbers, addresses, credit card information, etc. with handles. Once you input a piece of information and a handle, you can recall that information by inputting any piece of that handle or data, like part of a name. For example, inputting "pho" will retrieve any data whose handle contains "phone". Print the search results, or copy and paste them into documents or text boxes in other programs.

No-KeysCategory:  System Utilities » Other
Onscreen computer keyboard. You type on this virtual keyboard using a mouse or other pointing device. (Scan option provided for people who cannot move any pointing device at all). Keys typed on the virtual keyboard go to another program (word processor, etc.) selected by the user. Intended primarily for computer users who have limited mobility who cannot use keyboard. Can also be used with touch screen computers.

Multiple Text File Edit and ReplaceCategory:  System Utilities » Text & Document Editors
Multiple Text File Edit and Replace is a Windows software program that allows you to easily replace text and many files at once. This is particularly useful for updating Web sites that have many files containing the same text to be updated, although it can be useful any time you need to make the same changes in multiple text files. Automatically backs up files before changing them.

Computer Rental ControllerCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Rent or sell time on your computer for Internet Caf s or computer kiosks. Offers two methods: 1) Generate a list of passwords you can sell. Each password allows access to the computer once for a period of time set by you. 2) Create a list of permanent passwords. Each can be used unlimited times. When a person uses their password, it records how long they use the computer, so you can bill them.

Multiple Form FillerCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
Easily fill out many document forms and spreadsheets with the same information. Useful for businesses that fill out many forms for each customer. The main screen displays customizable input fields that ask you for information such as a person s name, address, etc. You are able to create information models that tell what input fields to display, and word processor documents and spreadsheets for the program to insert this information into.

Software Time LockCategory:  Security & Privacy » Access Control
Control when and how long various computer functions can be used each day of the week: Set blocks of time during which you cannot access the Web, Set blocks of time during which specific programs cannot be used, Set blocks of time during which you cannot use the computer at all, Set limits on how long you can access the Web each day, Set how long specific programs can be used each day, Set how many hours you can use the computer

Word FinderCategory:  Education » Dictionaries
Word Finder is a software program that will display words from its list that have characteristics you desire. It will search a its own file of words and find all the words that fit your criteria, such as words that start with certain letters and/or end in certain letters and/or contain certain letters and/or do not contain certain letters. You may also specify minimum and maximum word length, and create word masks.

Computer Payment EnforcerCategory:  Business & Finance » Other
Do you sell or lease computers and have customers not paying on time? Install Computer Payment Enforcer (CPE) on the computers. Input information on when payments are due. Each day, CPE displays a small screen telling the customer how many days are left until their next payment is due. When a payment is due, CPE totally blocks access to the computer until the user inputs a code. You provide this code when the customer pays their bill.

Computer Use ReporterCategory:  Security & Privacy » Covert Surveillance
Find out what your employees or children are doing on the computer. Convertly monitors what programs are used on the computer, what files or Web sites these programs access, when they are accessed, and which user is on the computer at the time. Rrecords the text in the title bars of any program run.