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About Lexaloffle Lexaloffle Games Ltd is a small developer founded by game author Joseph White as a way of distributing his games to the outside world. By self-publishing our games online, we are able to operate as an independent game developer. This means that we do not have to compromise the design of our games for any third party, such as publishers or distributers. We are only interested in writing games for you, the player!Lexaloffle Games. Download original computer games for Mac OS X and Windows.
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Jasper's JourneysCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Jasper's cat has been nabbed by a nasty witch who intends to use him as an ingredient for her incredibly evil potion! Make your way through a world of magic and monsters to reach the witch's castle and save Orlando. Jasper's Journeys offers a mixture of thoughtful exploration, tricky jumps, and frantic monster pummelling action. by Lexaloffle Games.

Swarm RacerCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Other
What do you get if you cross a hive of pixelated bees with a remote controlled car and put them in a plasmatronic dream? Who knows. While you're thinking about it, why not play Swarm Racer? It's a different type of racing game. Instead of controlling a single vehicle, take control of a whole swarm of bees and fly around the track while strategically shifting your swarm into different formations. by Lexaloffle Games.

Neko PuzzleCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Think fast to guide a little jumping cat around each puzzle before the time runs out. Features adorable graphics, a puzzle solver in case you get stuck, and a random puzzle generator so that you never get the same puzzle twice! Possibly the easiest puzzle game in the world to learn how to play, Neko is still able to challenge the toughest minds. by Lexaloffle Games.