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HTML link validator checks links in your HTML files CASE SENSITIVELY, helping make sure that your documents contain no links to missing files (images, HTMLs, etc.) Can validate thousands HTML documents at once. Just double-click on a folder containing your web site project and Validator will find all HTML files in this folder and all subfolders, creates file list, marks files with errors, displays links in convenient format, allow you to edit them. ZipSplitter divides large files and attaches to them a short code for automatically restoring. DirectoryTreeView and FileListViewFile are the components for CBuilder for creating file and folder selectors like Windows Explorer
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HTML Link ValidatorCategory:  Web Development » HTML Utilities
Professional link checker. Checks web sites for broken links and redirected links, validates Favorites, Internet shortcuts, and link lists. Validates thousands of documents at once, with no limit on the number of links or pages. Fully automated multi-threaded web spider can validate a whole web site, marking files with errors, allowing you to edit the sources. Can find unused (orphaned) web site files. HTML, TXT, Access reports. Case sensitive.

ZipSplitterCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
The main purpose of ZipSplitter is to simplify the task of copying large files on floppy disks. It also can be useful if you need to send large file via email. It splits file on smaller self-restoring parts, i.e. initial file can be restored without ZipSplitter (because ZipSplitter adds a very short code (4kb) to the last file, making it executable). ZipSplitter can compress file before splitting using ZIP compression to made it much smaller