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Tool to make a financially emotionally better personal and business decision. Money is a LOVE and HATE topic, and yet it is an unavoidable issue we have to face it in every day. This project is not an
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SecretWebCategory:  Network & Internet » Web Browsers
SecretWeb is not just an ordinary Web Browser, whether you are at home or at work. Unless, you are alone or have your own office, there is always possibility that someone might be curious about what and where you are surfing. If you don't like people prying at what you are browsing; especially, you don't want to upset your boss for shirking or wandering. SecretWeb is a smart way to avoid trouble, although it may sound unethical...

iHideCategory:  Security & Privacy » Other
This application is a container to any program in your computer system to its shell by means of dynamically created tabs. iHide then hides instantly the opened programs currently running on its tabs with a set of hot keys (or rather secret keys). The hidden programs do not show their identities on the taskbar or anywhere on your desktop.