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KeyText: autotext, scheduling and Windows automation; TrayDay: date/calendar/Internet Time utility for Windows tray. 2 mouse clicks inserts date or favorite texts!
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KeyTextCategory:  System Utilities » Launchers & Task Managers
Keyboard macro and Windows automation. Stores boilerplate texts for typing/pasting into any application with a simple hotkey press or abbreviation. Wizards help you script button clicks, mouse actions, run programs/URLs, start emails and more. The scheduler runs them at set times, or when a certain window appears: let KeyText fill in password and other dialogs for you. Regular expressions allow text manipulation. Eliminate those repetitive tasks!

TrayDayCategory:  Business & Finance » PIMS & Calendars
TrayDay: today's date at a glance, in the Windows tray. Handy popup calendar has one or three month displays, and can show week numbers to ISO (or your own) standard. Type any date anywhere, in your own language, and with user-defined formats. These can include counters and ordinals, and week/day number dates, eg 2008-W15-2 for April 8, 2008. Julian Day and Internet Time features.