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MP-Shareware started with Matthew Phillips back in 1997. Matthew Phillips was 16 years old and an aspiring programmer. He had a desire to create a video game along the order of the Nintendo Classic game Shadowgate. He, however, wished to add turn-based combat to the mix.
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A-maze-ing Treasures 3DCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Arcade
Explore mazes in this free-roaming 3d, arcade style game. To exit each level's maze, you must find the key and the locked exit gate. The goal, however, is to acquire as much treasure as you can while still getting out of the level before the time runs out. Game supports Gamepad's with Vibration motors. However, it accepts basic gamepads or plain old keyboards as well. Full Version comes shipped on DVD-Rom due to sheer size of program.

Templum de MalumCategory:  System Utilities » Other
The Tower of Babel long sat in ruins until now. Prince Evinco, the wicked descendant of King Nimrod, has decided to raise the Tower and activate the Great Beam to draw the world to him. Philip, the son of a British Knight, and his companion, Brimley, have journeyed to find this lost island and Tower and defeat the evil within.