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Description edit We created the first integrated televisual weather system which included a very easy to use graphical interface, static background maps, animated symbols, text and best of all: satellite imagery which for the first time was being delivered via the Internet (1995). First used by KATU, Portland, Oregon, it reduced their bills by more than half. And this not only made the satellite movies more affordable, but also a lot more reliable. Television stations, all of a sudden, had satellite imagery for every newscast.We offered KRON-TV, San Francisco, the first affordable 3D forecast system. We used the Internet to deliver the satellite information and our system would generate a movie in 3D including clouds, rain, lightning and sleet. The system could playback the 3D movie in real-time on demand, thus the presenter could start the movie when he was ready to do so.Our weather system was used for every day weather presentations by over 30 television stations in the US, including the CBS network. It was also used in Canada, France, Germany and Kuwait.
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libtldCategory:  Development Tools » C / C++ / C#
This library is used to extract the top level domain name from any URI, whatever the number of top level domain names it uses (a URI can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 top level domain names.) The library offers one C function called tld() that returns information about the TLD and the offset where it starts in your string. From that information you can also extract the sub-domains from the URI.

Package ExplorerCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
Package Explorer makes it easy to manage large installations of numerous software packages. It handles first time installations and upgrade with the use of lists of source repositories. The interface shows the list of already installed packages with their status.

wpkgCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
wpkg lets you create advanced packages with complex interdependencies that are automatically taken in account when managing a target system. wpkg knows to install dependencies automatically and knows to not remove packages that are required by others that you do not want to remove.

PHP eFaxCategory:  Communications » Telephony
PHP eFax is a PHP class that wraps the eFax Developer API. Use PHP eFax to automate the task of sending and receiving faxes electronically from your PHP-powered web server. All you need is an account with eFax Developer and you are set to go. Processing is usually instantaneous. PHP eFax also allows you to analyze the response you get from the eFax system, telling you whether faxes were successfully sent and received.

Controlled VariablesCategory:  Development Tools » C / C++ / C#
Controlled Variables makes your C++ code more secure by protecting variables forcing proper initialization in all circumstances. This works with a default initialization, force you to initialize variables, or at least prevents you from using a variable that is not initialized. The project includes limited variables which cannot be set to a value outside of the specified range making them very useful to avoid all sorts of problems.

Fax Now OnlineCategory:  Communications » Telephony
This document is the complete API to access an MO Fax server. It is used to send faxes from any server in the world to any fax machine in the US. The document describes the HTTPS POST requests to be sent to our fax server to process a fax. The server supports notifications that let you know whether the fax was sent and how many pages were sent. The server can also store a fax for later processing (delayed processing).

SLiteChatCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Board
SLiteChat (pronounced "slight-chat") is a completely open source text-only IM/chat client for use with Second Life. Use it to talk to your friends without having to load up all of those heavy graphic goodies. Useful for those at-work times! SLiteChat (pronounced "slight-chat") is a text-only view for Second Life which is focused on in-world IM support.

MO Anti-poundingCategory:  Network & Internet » Network Monitoring
MO Anti-pounding analyzes the hits to your server and blocks unwanted spiders accessing your site quickly. As a side effect, the MO Anti-pounding prevents brute force log in attempts. The module includes a black list and a white list. You can control many things such as the delay before another hit is received, the number of hits acceptable, the messages shown to abusive users. All of those features work without the module accessing the database.

MO PayJunction for Drupal 6.xCategory:  Web Development » E-Commerce
MO PayJunction is a Drupal 6.x module extending the bercart system and offering your customers a way to purchase goods online via the PayJunction gateway. Enter your log in and password and you are ready to get started!

MO ButtonCategory:  Web Development » Wizards & Components
The MO Button module is an input format filter used to create very appeal graphical buttons on your Drupal websites. It works with Drupal 6.x. The module can be used for any number of buttons. The buttons are sized depending on their label and icon.

MO Auto-add termsCategory:  Network & Internet » Search & Lookup Utilities
This module automatically assigns terms to your pages from their content. This makes it very useful to build a complete site index. It also allows you to offer terms functionality to your users since you can prevent them from adding terms, and yet have terms automatically assigned to their posts.

DLFCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
DLF is a tool used to determine all the libraries necessary to run your software without having to do any guess work. It helps you eliminate libraries that are not necessary and thus reduce the size of your installers. DLF works with PEI, ELF, and MACH-O files and runs under Windows 32bit, Linux, and Mac OS/X.

Turn WatcherCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Adventure & Roleplay
Turn Watcher is an Initiative Tracker for RPG Game Masters! Use it to: Track PCs and monsters easily during combat; Handle delays and readied actions; Secret Spot & Listen checks and Will saves without your players being the wiser; Manages hit points of PCs and monsters; Import monsters into new encounters quickly and easily; Add that edge to your encounters by automatically rolling initiative every round without picking up a single die!