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About Read Between The Lines I've created a number of funny t-shirt designs which I hope are slightly more subtle than your average "funny t-shirt". I'm a big fan of texts which seem completely normal at first and only after a second though (or third depending on your thinking speed) you get the joke of the - Read Between The Lines - Orginal funny t-shirt designs. Please be warned some people might find a number of designs offensive. All who enter, yea be warned!
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The designs from the screensaver have been available on several products. Now a selection of literally cool, hot and funny designs are now available in the free screensaver. The designs bounce happily around your screen. It features a clock which can be set to the current time or the time elapsed since the screensaver started. The program is ready to go and all features can be set from the settings menu. E.g. disable part of the designs.