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Mini-Tools LLC is a privately-held Ohio USA company specializing in .NET components and Windows software tools. Mini-Tools was founded in 2005 by Timm Martin and Tim Perez, two software industry veterans with over 50 years combined experience. Mini-Tools is dedicated to providing high-quality software and excellent customer support.Welcome to the Mini-Tools web site. Mini-Tools provides .NET components and Windows software. Products include Mini-Comm, Mini-Crypter, Mini-Input and Mini-XMenus.
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Mini-InputCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
.NET component to monitor keyboard and mouse input on a global, application, form and/or control level. Suppress select events to provide your own response. Send keyboard and mouse input to any open window. Manage open windows.

Mini-CommCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
.NET component to share text and data between processes running on the same computer and ensure that only one instance of an application is running at a time. Mini-Comm includes a full messaging system to track and communicate with other processes, and a control panel for developers to monitor and debug interprocess communications and even add messages to the system while it is running.

Mini-XMenusCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Mini-XMenus is a .NET component that adds custom menu items to the Windows Explorer context menu. Menu items can be selectively shown based on which items are selected in Explorer. Menu items can include custom icons, fonts and colors, sub-menus, separators and help tips. Explorer menu items may also be drawn from scratch with full OwnerDraw support.