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Multi Edit Software, Inc. is an Arizona based Corporation founded by Chad W. Williams and L. Dan Hughes. Multi-Edit was originally created fifteen years ago by Todd Johnson when virtually the only other source editor was Brief. At that time ME provided the only tool that could be reconfigured "on-the fly," allowing each developer to easily manipulate the program for the way he or she works. Multi-Edit provided the flexibility that had been much needed, but lacking in the industry.Now, beyond the expertise and experience that Mr. Williams and Mr. Hughes bring to the company, they are instilling new ideals and directions for Multi-Edit. Some of these measures, are based on the same inspirations that first created the Editor, i.e. Flexibility and Customization. And in that vein, we continue to be committed to giving both the Programmer and Developer greater control over their working environment and resources. So we begin the foundational work for keeping that promise.Implementation of a new navigational theme for the website, new logo for the Editor, new Forums. Once again we wish Multi-Edit to be the Editor that was created by it's users. We believe in the muscle that's contained in Multi-Edit. The Cog and Ctrl Key in the new ME logo symbolize the incredible machine like power which gives the user such pervasive control.Multi-Edit: An award winning text editor with powerful search and replace file comparison folder searching and much more. Increase efficiency and speed software development
Latest Windows software from Multi-Edit Software, Inc.

Multi-Edit 2008Category:  Development Tools » Source Editors
Multi-Edit 2008 delivers, a powerful IDE, with its speed, depth, and support for over 50 languages. Enhanced search functions include Perl 5 Regular Expressions and definable filters. Supports large DOS/Windows, UNIX, binary and Mac files. File Sync Integration for: Delphi 6, 7, 2005, C++Builder 6, BDS 2006 and RadStudio 2007, VB 6, VC 6, MS VS2008. Includes file compare, code beautifying, command maps, and much more.

Multi-Edit 2008 LiteCategory:  Development Tools » Source Editors
MeLite 2008, Powerful programming thats Lite on your Pocketbook: MeLite 2008 provides Intelligent Language Support with such features as Smart Indenting, code templates, brace/construct matching and auto-commenting, as you type! Language sensitive code highlighting for any language! Function tagging supports ASP, Ada, Aspect, BASIC, VB, PERL, Java, Javascript, FORTRAN, Delphi, and many more. MeLite will even let you add your own language support.

Multi-Edit 2008 Lite for SASCategory:  Development Tools » Source Editors
Multi-Edit Lite for SAS 2008 incorporates a collection of edit macros, templates and other features dedicated to SAS, answering the need for a modern SAS IDE. Powerful editing tools along with support for over 50 languages including RUBY and XHTML and allows you to edit within a single environment. Basic features include SAS highlighting, indention, and fast commenting. Expand keystrokes into SAS language constructs. Complete SAS integration.