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Video games are a virtually untapped resource for advertisers seeking to reach their target audiences. As people spend less time in front of the television and more hours in front of their computers playing games, advertisers need to adjust their strategy in an effort to ensure that they continue to reach the users they value the most. Currently, there are over eighty million online gamers spending more than ten hours a week on casual games.
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NeoZone Game Center ArcadeCategory:  Games & Entertainment » Arcade
NeoZone Game Center Arcade PC console lets you play browse, play and download an every growing library of popular game titles. Arcade, action, puzzle, card, and adventure games are all brought to you free --just point, click and play. Access classic favorites such as Pacman, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Frogger and Tetris along with today's favorites including Sudoku, Solitaire and Icy Tower.