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FactotumNOW is a specialised divison of "Neu Telekommunikationstechnik", a German IT consultancy that has been around since 1995. Equipped with a wealth of experience handling distributed global IT challenges and facing the same problems as anybody else in the IT environment due to the gaps between IT management and IT monitoring tools, we decided to develop our own application to fill the holes and be able to answer the questions we were constantly confronted with during our work as consultants. Additionally, we were striving to find a simple and easily implemented solution for change, incident and dependency management.
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FactotumNOW IAS ReportingCategory:  Network & Internet » Network Monitoring
FactotumNOW IAS Reporting imports IAS/RRAS (Microsoft VPN) log files through an engine that can be installed onto the VPN/IAS server. IAS (Microsoft Internet Authentication Service) statistics are then updated automatically every two minutes. Reports can be viewed through a comfortable console and exported to Microsoft Excel (if installed). The report viewer can be run remotely from any desktop on the network or on the IAS/RRAS server directly.

FactotumNOW IT Management RepositoryCategory:  Network & Internet » Network Monitoring
The program helps IT departments with change, incident, purchase, asset and dependency management by integrating into existing availability monitoring (HP SIM and GFI NSM) and monitoring availability itself. Generates disk growth prognostics, close customer interaction through e-mail and a web frontend, knowledge base (that assists during incident management), and asset management (based on data collection of Active Directory, WSUS, and more.

FactotumNOW Web Checking and ReplicationCategory:  Web Development » Site Administration
Allocate a staging area on your network and replicate the Web files from there onto your Web servers. Operate with several Web servers by replicating one content source to several servers. Only one open port required between staging area and Web servers (TCP 5432). Detects duplicate files (even when they have different filenames) and only transmits them once. Compression during replication. Support for replication through FTP.