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Spinnn (for Windows)Category:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Move and spin falling game pieces and try to create horizontal lines, in any of the over 30 different games found in Spinnn. These games are divided into four sets, each with its own style and special rules. Whether you are a novice or an expert, you will surely find your favorite game in Spinnn.

Bloxter (for Windows)Category:  Games & Entertainment » Arcade
A 3D action puzzler that combines color-matching fun with the thrill of alien monsters and colored blocks flying towards your screen.

Downfall (for Windows)Category:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
3D arcade puzzle game (similar to Bloxter and other falling-blocks games). It features real-time 3D graphics and lots of different boards to play. All boards have special blocks like dynamite sticks, snow shovels, wrecking balls etc. The game is easy to learn. You just drop stacks with colored blocks to form lines that will react and disappear, to score points.

Rainbow Painter (for Windows)Category:  Graphic Applications » Editors
Aimed at professionals and amateurs alike, Rainbow Painter 3 comes with lots of exciting features and technologies. It supports 32-bit float/channel HDR, which permits adjustments to be made back and forth without losing quality. There is also a revolutionary new pattern editing mode, which puts the old technique of using a so called Offset Filter to achieve seamless tiles to shame.

Petal Palace (for Windows)Category:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
This game takes you to an enchanted palace, surrounded by beautiful scenery where flowers grow in great abundance. Pick the flowers by arranging them in lines, to keep the palace from being overgrown. Use any tools you may find to overcome obstacles. If you're good at picking the flowers, you will achieve bonuses and rewards that will help you in your task.

Manic Minefields (for Windows)Category:  Games & Entertainment » Puzzle & Word
Manic Minefields is really 12 pumped up minesweeping games in one, as it features 12 uniquely designed minefields with beautiful graphics and crisp sound effects, to choose from. Some of the minefields have special rules (i.e. obstacles), and some have different ways of displaying the numbers (i.e. dice, Roman numerals, foot prints etc.). Other features include a marathon mode, 4 sizes, a hint/help function and import/export best times.