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FTPHooverCategory:  Network & Internet » Telnet, SSH & FTP Clients
FTPHoover is a program for automatic download of pictures and movies from ftp servers. Outstanding features: Automatic download of files you don't have. Duplicates are avoided, even if renamed. Movies are resumed, even if renamed. Now capable of secure downloads with SSL. And supplied with free source code for easy modification.

FindDuplicatesCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
Program searches for duplicate files in selected folders. A whole hard disk or just a few folders can be selected. Program will check all files and see if they are duplicates. Since program works by calculating MD5 hashes, it will find renamed files. Also, since MD5 hashes are calculated for just the beginning of the files, files that have been truncated will be found too. In this way, it is possible to find the most complete version of a file.

FileSorterCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
Sort files and create directories for them.

BackupUCategory:  System Utilities » File & Disk Management
Save information about backup media in MySQL database. Search on filename to restore files from backup. Visual Basic .NET source code included.