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Morse Code and Ham radio software from Nu-Ware. Gain or upgrade your Ham Radio license with NuTest. Learn Morse Code with NuMorse and NuCode Morse code software. Listen to the sounds of Morse Code history with NuMorse Professional.
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NuMorse ProfessionalCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Interest
The ultimate Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novice and Expert. Offers a choice of built-in structured training courses to teach you the basics. Then get up to speed using features to motivate and track progress. Ready for a test? Then take the built-in code test to boost your confidence. Speed fiend? Brush up your receiving skills to 48 wpm. Add QSB and QRN for extra realistic simulated QSOs.

NuCodeCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Interest
Learn Morse code as quickly as possible and without gimmicks. The structured course lessons are based on an adaptation of the Koch method. If you can successfully complete the lessons then you are certain to pass the FCC 5 wpm code test. No previous knowledge of Morse code is assumed. You are gently introduced to a few characters in the early lessons. Then you work through to the final lesson at your own pace, adding characters as you go.

NuMorseCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Interest
Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novices, Experts or just interested. Output via soundcard, hardware port (for driving oscillator or transmitter), semaphore window and even nautical flags. Listen to NuMorse "virtual radio hams", play random text and from any text files. The included lessons will take you from beginner to code expert. Hundreds used NuMorse V1 to pass the ham radio code tests first time.

NuTestCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Interest
Obtain or upgrade your amateur radio licence using this complete training package. Create tests from official ARRL question pools. Browse the question pools. Read in-depth explanations of the questions. FCC Part 97 rules and RF exposure tables included. Hypertext links take you from each question to technical explanations, useful formulae, math hints and everything else you need for a pass grade.

Code WeaverCategory:  Home & Hobbies » Personal Interest
Code Weaver is a fun and educational program that outputs text files as Morse code. It is supplied with a library of assorted sounds including Morse code at 20 to 100 wpm. The package includes other novelty code sounds such as simulated transmissions from antique spark transmitters and telegraph key sounds. The program is not limited to Morse code, you can add any custom sounds that your PC soundboard is capable of playing.