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About OrandySoftware OrandySoftware is a designer's community and an entertainment and technology software corporate founded in 2006 and based internationally. It's software products caters for individuals and corporate alike and has won numerous award. In addition to developing programs, OrandySoftware is well know for it's designing, both in graphics and movies.The entry page of OrandySoftware - help and answers, development and design
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Orandy ScreenCaptureCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
A small program to capture all activities on screen as a high-resolution video you can save. It saves as .avi format and the file size is reasonably small.You need Windows Encoder 9 installed.

Orandy OneClickCategory:  System Utilities » Other
This application allows users to shutdown, restart, suspend, hibernate, log-off or even turn off their monitor instantly with one click. Users can locate this icon in the system tray.