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Orion Studios is proud to announce the arrival of the sixth edition of DirectDVD. DirectDVD HD is the only DVD player available on the market that offers professional audio VST and DMO features for our users. In this edition, users now have the capabilities to use Audio/Cinema modeling to create environments unheard of before in DVD Playback. No other engine offers so much possibility to the end user.Check out some of the new audio plug-ins in DirectDVD HD - the chart below lists all new/and old Audio Plug-Ins!Orion Studios plans to release details on our support for the Microsoft/Intel decision to support HD Format- Please check Orion Studios News Department for this important release this week-
Latest Windows software from Orion Studios

PHP for OutlookCategory:  Web Development » ASP & PHP
PHP for Outlook allows you to use PHP Scripting directly in Microsoft Outlook. Including powerful MySQL database controls, toolbars, advanced scripting and processing. You Control the engine, because you control PHP Processing - so E-mails become just another resource for you directly. You have access to program Variables, and Functions to speed processing and Mail handling directly in PHP for Outlook.

YouTube for ASP.netCategory:  Development Tools » C / C++ / C# control for Visual Studio 2005/2008 that allows full YouTube API and Video Playback directly in your web applications. HD and Javascript events allow for creative and new designed experiences. Callback and Built in Help File Support. Make changes to video sizes with built in templates, and allow multiple session on web pages without complex alternatives. Supports removal of the click here now on Flash Movies.

SurroundCastCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Media Players
SurroundCast is a Digital Surround HD Radio Player- with over 400 Digital Stations! Featuring iPod support and advanced SRS WOWXT - Circle Surround II- and Spatializer technology- Users can experience 3D Sound even with 2 speakers! SurroundCast includes AudioModeling, VST and DMO Playback Engine. Experience Radio like never before!

DirectDVDCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Other
DirectDVD is a professional Hollywood DVD Player, includes 3D DVD Bookmarks, Xtract, SRS Circle Surround II, and WOWHD. Users can use powerful Audio 3D Environments and Digital Filters to customize their DVD Experience. Built in HD control panels. Users can control Surround Mix engine and 10 Band Surround EQ.

DirectDVD 6 HDCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Other
DirectDVD HD is a professional Hollywood DVD Player, includes VST Steinberg Compatible engine, with Spatializer Ultra PC HD, SRS Circle Surround II, and WOWXT. Users can use powerful Audio Modeling and Digital Filters to customize their DVD Experience. Built in MPEG2/MPEG1 Encoding and Windows WMV-HD control panels. Users can control Audio in a 17.1 Mix engine and 32 Band Surround EQ - Full DMO/DirectX Plug-In support.

iPodHDCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Multimedia Software
iPodHD allows users to convert your iPod into a 5.1 Surround Engine. You can encode Movies/Audio/DVD directly to iPod with 5.1 Channels. Plug your iPod into any Surround Prologic, SRS Circle Surround, NEO Receiver/Computer- and restore the original 5.1 Channels. No Stereo Mix down, complete digital 5.1 for the iPod. For 2 Channel content, users can use the built in SRS WOW XT to add spatial 3D to stereo infrastructure!

CinematiCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
Designed by Acclaimed Orion Studios, Cinemati is an Enhanced Media Player for Windows. Designed to allow direct access to movie files and special effects, Cinemati brings all your movies to life with simple to use playback controls. Load your favorite AVI, DivX, or MPEG files from your machine. It is as simple as point and click.

CinematicMP3Category:  MP3 Audio Video » Video Software
Designed by Acclaimed Orion Studios, CinematicMP3 is a MP3 Surround Sound 5.1 Mixer. Now users can enjoy SRS Circle Surround 5.1 mixes with MP3 files, Home Movies, Digital Recordings Used by major Television and Movie Studios, the power to create 5.1 just became easier. With built in DirectX Effects capabilities you can now create sophisticated DirectX Chains, Exports, and Effect pasting. Digitally using the on board Multi-Track Digital Record