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Publisher Description stands for Organize Your Communication Online and is the first web portal to converge 7 different web-based communications tools into a simple-to-use virtual desktop protected by biometric security.
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OYCO Instant Messenger and VoIP DialerCategory:  Communications » Chat & Instant Messaging
OYCO IM is for anyone who needs: integration with GTalk, Yahoo!, MSN and AOL/ICQ; AES encryption on text chat (for OYCO-to-OYCO sessions); audio chat; video chat; file transmission across networks; multi-network chat; VoIP; cached history and lite mode. OYCO IM is not adware or spyware and is completely FREE. You can also sign up with for aggregated email, SMS, VoIP and Web IM, all on-line in one place for just $4.95/month or $58/year.

Oyco Messenger with VoIP DialerCategory:  Communications » Chat & Instant Messaging
Interoptible Messenger with Video & Voice chat plus embedded Free VoIP dialer to call any phone any where topped up with $1 Free to try with trial. Multi-network chat rooms, file sharing, HIGHEST AES encrypted Oyco messaging. Oyco IM does not store any chat history on servers. Links with MSN Yahoo AOL/ICQ. Client version or Web based. Web-based version MAC friendly. Also access 7 other tools in trial : Email. SMS. Web page. Blog. VoIP. IM. Video

Oyco VoIP Dialer & MessengerCategory:  Communications » Telephony
The FREE Oyco H323 Dialer available in downloadable and web-based versions comes with $1 FREE on registration. Has built in SPIRIT and FER technology for better sound quality than most dialers under high and low bandwidths. Packed with a fully integrated Instant Messenger and Video chat, across MSN Yahoo and AOL/ICQ. Dialer is always FREE. All 7 Oyco services $4.95/Mnth [IM, Video, Email, SMS, Blog Website VoIP] or Messenger for only $7.49USD