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PBDR.COM: slick tips, tricks and free software. Includes; Ken Howe PowerBuilder Tips, Jaz Lichy's Visual Basic (VB)Tips, PBDelta, PBBrowse, Free Components
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ProDiffCategory:  Development Tools » Other
ProDiff is designed to highlight the differences between versions of Application development source code. ProDiff improves on standard diff tools by parsing and pretty printing source code files before comparing the individual sections of the program or source code files. This approach removes many of the false positives created when files are reorganised but not syntactically changed.

PBDocCategory:  Development Tools » Other
PBDoc is a utility designed to produce high quality documentation directly from the source code of your PowerBuilder application. PBDoc has advanced features which extract descriptions direct from the source code of your application and creates professional documentation. PBDoc has a set of templates which can be customised to suit your own standards.