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Founded in 1995, Polar is an award winning, software engineering company that has since developed and marketed wide scope of quality software products.For the past 4 years, Polar has focused to service support applications resulting in our new flagship product Polar Service Desk. The software is intended to help middle and large-sized organizations in establishing, automating and managing ITIL compliant customer care centers in order to provide efficient IT support to their employees and customers.The other two Polar's product lines are software components for professional developers and office software for small to medium-sized companies. Developing and marketing these products was a priceless experience that has enabled Polar to grow and to enter the enterprise software market successfully few years later.Help desk software with full source code. Choose between hosted and installed solution.
Latest Windows software from Polar

Polar Help DeskCategory:  Business & Finance » Helpdesk & Remote PC
Polar Help Desk is a web based help desk that helps you organize support department. With email integration, incident management, enables your organization to manage support services to your employees and customers through a central help desk portal. Pay what you want for your 1st license of Polar Help Desk 5.

Polar Crypto Light FreeCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
It is an ActiveX control which adds encryption features to your Windows applications.It is easy to use, it encrypts strings, buffers and files. It uses public and private RSA keys for encryption/decryption (256-bit symmetric keys for AES) and provides general process information. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in software development, and you need simple but unbreakable encryption, Polar Crypto Light is the appropriate tool for you.

Polar Help Desk FreeCategory:  Business & Finance » Helpdesk & Remote PC
Polar Help Desk Free is fully featured help desk software with one named license free of charge. You can use it commercially to support your clients (unlimited number of clients). No trial period expiration, no additional fees, no obligations and no forms to fill out. Its features like incident management, knowledge base, email integration, reports and user friendly interface - helps you manage your support department.

Polar Crypto ComponentCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Polar Crypto Component gives your Windows applications the functionality of unbreakable encryption. It enables you to build your own security systems instantly, or to easily integrate it into your existing systems, enhancing their security and performance. Polar Crypto is an ActiveX and DLL component featuring the latest encryption technology and including full source code written in MS Visual C++.

Polar Zip ComponentCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Polar Zip Component is a complete compression solution for any Windows application. It includes standard Zip/Unzip functions, a Self-Extractor Module and Streaming Compression Library in one product enhanced with FULL source code at no extra cost. Full source code comes with the DLL/COM and .NET offering you freedom to customize your ideal ZIP solution. We literally give you the tools to get creative about compressing and decompressing data.

Polar Zip Light FreeCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Polar Zip Light is a free ActiveX control which adds seamless data compression solutions to your Windows applications. It performs adding, extracting, deleting and listing files in archives. Polar Zip Light is ideal for individuals, small business and enterprise software developers. It is suitable for beginners and professionals.

Polar SpellChecker ComponentCategory:  Development Tools » Active X
Polar SpellChecker Component adds SpellChecking capability to your Windows and Web based applications supporting ActiveX/COM, DLL and .NET interface. It includes 14 free-to-download dictionaries fully functional with the trial version. Full source code is included at no extra cost! Built-in features make Polar SpellChecker Component the best choice for all developers; it is intuitive to use, yet rich with SpellChecking functionality.

Polar Component SuiteCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Polar Component Suite includes Polar Zip Component, Polar Draw Component, Polar Crypto Component and Polar SpellChecker Component with full source code, written in MS Visual C++ for each of them offering you unlimited freedom in customizing your ideal solution. You will find such an extra value with no other components! Trial version of this product is also available so you can download it to evalute Polar components before purchasing Suite.

Polar Draw ComponentCategory:  Development Tools » Components & Libraries
Polar Draw Component is a complete draw solution that gives you powerful drawing features enabling you to build Visio-style charts from within your application. Many C++ and VB sample projects with complete source code are included in this offer. Full source code written in MS Visual C++ offers you unlimited freedom in customizing your ideal solution. You get the complete control of the product's programming quality at no extra cost!