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PowerCmd is an advanced replacement for traditional Windows command line, known as Command Prompt or DOS console. PowerCmd creates Windows Command Prompt in the background, interprets commands through cmd, has a WinXP style interface and offers more functionalities. You can easily organize prompt windows and set different layout using multiple panes and tabs. You can use standard Windows style generic text editing behavior, cut, copy and paste using the conventional Windows shortcuts, drag and drop text within PowerCmd. PowerCmd still supports traditional column selection mode of the prompt window when ALT key pressed. To help prevent loss of your work, PowerCmd allows you to save the output of command prompt automatically.PowerCmd search toolbar puts a search box for command line windows, making it easier than ever to find any words you want. Once you've used the toolbar to find some keywords, there's no need to scroll around looking for your search terms. The Highlight button instantly lights them up on the command line window, making it easier to find relevant information. Finding a particular word on a command line window can be frustrating. With the word find button however you can easily find each occurrence of the word. AutoComplete makes files under current dictionary easily accessible. You can display a list of files with their icons before file names using TAB key, or automatically. When a file name from the list is selected, you can press TAB or ENTER/RETURN to insert that file name into your command line.A leading command prompt replacement. Much more powerful tabbed user interface than Windows Command Prompt. PowerCmd is an ease to use Windows console. Download today for free, and discover how our product can help you.
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PowerCmd is a leading Windows Command Prompt replacement with Windows-like behavior, modern and sleek user interface. PowerCmd interprets commands through Windows Command Prompt, has a configurable WinXP style interface with multiple panes and tabs, and more enhancements: You can easily manage multiple prompt windows in some predefined ways, save logs automatically, search and highlight words, auto-complete commands with associated icons and more