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Business success depends on a clear vision of the potential risks to mission-critical systems. With breakthrough products and world-class services, Privacyware extends the capabilities of conventional system security and helps you manage threats more efficiently and effectively.Established in 1999, Privacyware is the IT security products and solutions division of PWI, Inc. (, a leading provider of advanced technology and software solutions in IT Security, Enterprise Messaging, Analytics and Custom Software Development.Privacyware's mission is to become the definitive and leading provider of advanced threat prevention and security intelligence solutions, unmatched in value, performance and client satisfaction to an expanding base of direct clientele and strategic partners.Personal Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Advanced Threat Prevention and Security Intelligence Solutions - Privacyware
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PrivatefirewallCategory:  Security & Privacy » Other
Integrated multi-layer intrusion prevention software delivers signature-less, zero-hour protection from known or new spyware, viruses, keyloggers, hacking techniques and other intrusions on Windows desktops and servers. Privatefirewall features port tracking, URL and packet filtering, process monitor, anti-logger and application/system behavior modeling and anomaly detection components to deliver proactive, comprehensive protection.

ThreatSentry - Web Application FirewallCategory:  Servers » Firewall & Proxy Servers
Privacyware s award-winning IIS Web Application Firewall and Host Intrusion Prevention solution, ThreatSentry, stops a wide range of web application threats and helps IT departments certify compliance with PCI DSS. ThreatSentry delivers protection from SQL Injection, Directory Traversal, Cross-site scripting, CSRF, Parameter Manipulation, Buffer Overflow, Denial of Service and helps customers comply with PCI DSS Section 6.6.

Endpoint Security ConsoleCategory:  System Utilities » System Maintenance
Privacyware s Endpoint Security Console (ESC) enables system administrators to install, monitor, and configure Privacyware endpoint defense applications (i.e. Privatefirewall) on any Windows workstation, laptop or host within a server domain. Settings can be customized for each endpoint or User Groups defined and configured within Active Directory.

Dynamic Security AgentCategory:  Security & Privacy » Other
Dynamic Security Agent delivers signature less, zero hour protection from known or new malware and intrusions for Windows desktops and servers. DSA continuously evaluates system processes, applications, WinAPI calls, registry and other system variables to detect, quarantine andor block potential threats. DSA incorporates anomaly detection components that baseline normal computer operation and detect unacceptable deviations from typical use.

Privatefirewall w/Pest PatrolCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy Utilities
Privatefirewall 4.0 is a Personal Firewall that eliminates unauthorized access to your PC. Privatefirewall provides solid protection instantly while allowing advanced users to create custom configurations. Privatefirewall now includes Anti-Spyware from Computer Associates, that detects and removes spyware, adware, and other web-based threats to protect your PC from unauthorized access, information theft and diminished system performance.