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Reads text documents aloud with various voices and includes the ability to record to WAV or MP3 sound files.Here you can find information about our products. Speaking Notepad - naturally speaking text to voice na dtext to speech converter and microsoft notepad replacement. SunGlance - instant searching utility, perfect Google Desktop and Windows Search replacement. 1st Read It Aloud - read selected text from any application with one click.
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Speaking NotepadCategory:  MP3 Audio Video » Speech
Hello! I'm Speaking Notepad! I am powerful and handy analog of Microsoft Notepad. I'll read your TXT, DOC, HTML and RTF documents aloud with SAPI4 and SAPI5-compliant high quality voices, different speed and pitches, read clipboard content, record texts into WAV or MP3 files and even read every word or sentence you are typing. Read e-books and create audio books in one click with my help. I'm sure, we'll become friends!

VistaGlanceCategory:  System Utilities » Launchers & Task Managers
Instantly find document, music, video or run program you want within several seconds since you firstly think of it. You don't need Explorer now! Super fast indexing, super fast search by file names, attributes, and tags.. Copy, move and open parent folder of found files, apply smart filtering and sorting. Works with CD DVD USB-drives. Let computer guess what you need. Uses artificial intelligence with fuzzy logic to show you the files you want.