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Rainbow Innovations are PC Software Developers based in the UK. Products include ID_Bank; a Password Protection Manager$c Chronos Clock; a desktop clock using multiple timezones$c Mail Snoop Pro; an Anti-Spam application compatible with Pop3/IMAP4 mail servers.
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ID_BankCategory:  Security & Privacy » Password Managers
Passwords can be trouble especially on the Internet. You may have too many to remember and if you don't take care someone else will gain access to them! ID_Bank can help solve your problem. ID_Bank is a secure identity and password protection system. ID_Bank is able to hold your personal information relating to usernames, passwords, pins, login details etc; information in a secure encrypted file.

Mail Snoop ProCategory:  Security & Privacy » Anti-Spam & Anti-Spy Utilities
Mail Snoop Pro is the ultimate, user friendly, anti-spam and email notification program. Designed to monitor any number of mailboxes, finding and destroying spam without disturbing you and alerting you when there is new mail you need to see. Feature Summary: Compatible with Pop3/IMAP4 servers. Multiple mailboxes. Powerful filter system. Friends list. Blacklist. Message Archive. Scheduled Mail Checks.

AlphaEZCamCategory:  Communications » Web & Video Cams
AlphaEZCam is a powerful, yet easy webcam application that lets you manage multiple camera's and upload images to web servers. AlphaEZCam can be quickly installed and is easy to use. With its built in wizards you can setup a webcam and quickly create a number of different webcam pages together with automatic image uploads to your web servers.

Chronos ClockCategory:  Desktop Tools » Clocks & Alarms
If you would like to keep track of time around the world... Chronos Clock is for you !! Whether it's business, family or chat friends, Chronos Clock, is the perfect program. Chronos...The clock that s able to display multiple clocks with different time zones. Other features include a powerful alarm system, countdown/event timers, calender, time synchronization and spoken announcements using Windows SAPI or the Microsoft Agent.