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Ransen develops graphic programs consisting of Repligator and Gliftic. Artistic Programming Tutor (R.A.P.T), a programming course on creating two-dimensional images by writing programs. Free graphics resources for download.
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PointorCategory:  Graphic Applications » CAD
Pointor imports text files which are lists of points (2D or 3D) shows them graphically and saves them as a DXF. The DXF can then be read by other applications, for example AutoCAD. If you have a text file which is a list of points simply drag it into Pointor. You can bring in lists of points from Excel and Access using copy and paste. You can search for points as well as and copy/paste the bitmap image. Can read DXFs and create pointlists too.

RepligatorCategory:  Graphic Applications » Other
Repligator is a very easy to use graphic effects program. Simply import the image file and hit F7 a few times to see what effects Repligator suggests. The total of 142 effects include: Pop Art, Warhol, Motion Blur, Psychedelic Art, Roman Mosaic, Half-Tone, Stardust, Relief Map, Star Burst, Embroidery, Fallen Leaves, Flowers, Ivy, Klee, Ethnic, Sepia, Sonar, Chrome, Blur and Explode.

RansenScanCategory:  Graphic Applications » Other
RansenScan can be used to speed up the scanning of photo and postcard collections. Its automatic image extraction means that you can place several photos (or postcards etc) on the scanner and do a single scan, letting the program extract the images for you. Each individual image can then be adjusted in size and color and saved with a meaningful name. The individual images can also be copied to the clipboard or printed with a captions.

GliftexCategory:  Graphic Applications » Other
Gliftex is a very easy to use graphical design program. Ideal for creating unique and fresh decorations and backgrounds (for WEB pages or textiles for example). Simply select the general layout of the image you want (a trellis for example), the color scheme (maybe based on one of your own photographs) and how to interpret the layout and color scheme (as ivy, or as an arabesque for example) and Gliftex does the rest.

PhotoToMeshCategory:  Graphic Applications » CAD
PhotoToMesh creates solids and surfaces from photographs and other digital images. The solids and surfaces can be imported into CAD and CAM programs for the creation of real objects. Example applications are sign making and use with milling machines.

DexterpenCategory:  Graphic Applications » Other
Dexterpen is a stand-alone Windows graphics utility for those small repetetive 2D drawing tasks which take away valuable time from your working day. Use Dexterpen to create collections of drawings of slightly different components to import into your favorite CAD program or into Word. You can also use Dexterpen to dynamically experiment with components without having to learn AutoLISP or VBA or buy an expensive 3D parametric design program.